What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

I accidentally had a grease fire in my kitchen. The smoke was horrendous! I called SERVPRO and the very next day they came out and three men worked for three days to remove all soot from the walls and all light fixtures. I'm so thankful for their excellent hard work and very nice personalities.

We so appreciate all your dedicated hours that you worked to insure a smooth transition out and back into our home. Even after we returned...We are proud that you work for SERVPRO, you are a great blessing.

One day I had a fire in my apartment. I called SERVPRO and they helped me to not only clean my salvageable items, but also helped me to clean out/trash the nons-salvageable items. I am so thankful for Andy, who explained the whole process to me and was very patient with all of my questions. He was very prompt with replying via call or text and communicated with my insurance people for me in a timely manner. Thank you so much SERVPRO!

One day I received a phone call from Council Bluffs Fire Marshall that there had been a small fire at my house while I was gone. My ex-husband had accidentally started my house on fire while he was using a torch to thaw out the outside water faucet. My insurance company called SERVPRO and they came as soon as they could. I'm so thankful for the awesome crew of men that came to my house and cleaned the fire and smoke damage. The man in charge, Chuck, was fantastic to work with. I stopped at my house several times to grab my belongings, and they were all very courteous and professional. They even did a few extra things for me that they didn't have to do, like move a heavy couch and two love seats out to the driveway for us to get rid of. They did a wonderful job on everything. I would definitely recommend your company to any one that might need it.

One day we had our hot water heater catch fire. The insurance claims adjuster gave us the information to call SERVPRO and they were here within hours of the call. I am thankful for the service that SERVPRO gave me.

I've been really impressed with Andy he has been so helpful and so professional. I just got a good feeling when I left my apartment key with him, that can make anyone nervous but I just felt I could trust him. He has been so helpful talking back and forth with State Farm and keeping me updated. He is doing a great job and I am very impressed. Thank you so much.

One day I needed SERVPRO's service! It worked out! I called SERVPRO and got great results. I'm so thankful for their service second time around? They were very professional and kind. That is rare in the world today and I cannot thank you enough.

In the middle of the night our neighbor knocked on the door and my wife woke up and there was a fire, the entire complex was going up in flames. Unfortunately there was not much to save, but we called SERVPRO and we were surprised they were able to save quite a bit more than we thought was savable. They are very professional and we are very satisfied with their service.