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SERVPRO Proudly Offers Assistance to Our Blair Neighbors

5/11/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Proudly Helps Our Omaha Area Neighbors in Personal and Property Issues

Omaha Area Accident Victim Gets Help from SERVPRO

As Maggie Alvarado, a SERVPRO Sales & Marketing Representative was visiting clients and prospects she came upon an accident involving a semi-truck and a wheelchair-bound individual. Maggie received emergency response training while she was aboard the USS Nimitz during her stint in the Navy. She immediately pulled off the side of the road and was ready to assistance the injured woman.

The driver of the semi-truck was already on the phone calling 911, but even though our team member has certifications in several SERVPRO training programs, she utilized her other talents. Maggie is newly trained in First Aid, CPR, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and swiftly brought her skills into play.  The 64-year old accident victim from Blair was conscious, but bleeding from her head. Maggie carefully assisted the woman from the damaged and bent wheelchair onto the grass where she ascertained that there were no life-threatening injuries.

The woman's head was cleaned with water that Maggie had retrieved from her Green SERVPRO vehicle visible on the right side of the photograph. The bleeding from the head lacerations was stopped, and a neighbor brought a lawn chair to make the hurt local more comfortable. Our Rep continued to comfort the woman until the EMT arrived. Maggie then brought them up to speed on what she had done to remove the victim from the electric-powered wheelchair, secure her safety and clean her wounds. She informed the first responders of medical issues and medications taken by our hurt neighbor.

Maggie was extremely happy to help a neighbor who was in need of help. She was particularly excited about putting her newly acquired talents to work. She represents what SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest is all about. We strive to offer great service to our customers' homes and businesses after damaging events caused by fire, mold, and water. We proudly look out for our Omaha area communities in any way we can. If you find your property in need of cleanup and restoration give Maggie a call at (402) 800-2134.