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When the Plumbing Creates Water Damage to Your Omaha Salon

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial When the Plumbing Creates Water Damage to Your Omaha Salon Commercial spaces with require more plumbing than other businesses are at greater risk for water damage caused by leaks and pipe breaks.

Call on the Professionals at SERVPRO to Restore Your Salon after Water Damage

Your Omaha salon might have all of the bells and whistles and the best staff that you can imagine, but it still cannot adequately prepare for an unexpected water damage emergency that might occur.  Salons and other businesses with plumbing requirements that extend significantly beyond the norm are obviously at greater risk for problems with leaks, drain backups and pipe breaks that can lead to water damage and mold issues.

While it may be difficult to determine the likelihood of sudden pipe break, there are several scenarios that cause stress on small diameter pipes that can cause them to rupture. Winter in Omaha can bring very cold temperatures, and frozen pipes may soon follow.  If plumbing is installed near exterior walls that are not well insulated, or should the climate control systems in the building fail, cracked pipes may soon follow causing water damage.  Allowing debris (such as hair in a salon) to find its way into the drains will eventually result in a back up of contaminated water, which can result in an expensive restoration.  Water hardness is also a problem in some areas of Omaha, which can result in long-term degradation of pipes and fixtures. Installing a water softener could be a worthwhile investment for your Omaha salon.

Knowing whom to call in case of a water damage emergency is a decision you should make far in advance. Our SERVPRO team has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment designed to restore damage quickly and help your business to re-open its doors with minimal downtime. Depending on the severity of the damage, it might even be possible for our experienced restoration technicians to allow you to keep your scheduled appointments and not lose any of your profits.

Considering that a significant percentage of pipe ruptures occur within a wall, our SERVPRO professionals utilize thermal imagery to detect hidden moisture to help ensure none is left behind to support microbial growth

Our SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest certified restoration specialists work hard to mitigate your profit losses and out-of-pocket expenses. Call us today at (402) 800-2134.

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Roof Wearing can Lead to Mold Damage in Your Elkhorn Home

2/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Roof Wearing can Lead to Mold Damage in Your Elkhorn Home Your worn roof is already costing you money in heating the home. The damage can also cause water and snow to seep through. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Identify the Cause of the Mold Infestation Before Remediating

Your Elkhorn home may have seen quite a lot of severe winter weather over the years. While structurally it may still be doing its job keeping out the elements, the roof is bound to wear down over time. The trouble with roof wear is that it rarely breaks down and erodes evenly, which can leave some areas more damaged than others. The irregularity can present several immediate issues, but it can also allow for lingering concerns if the structural damage does not get repaired.
Worn areas of the roof can allow heat to escape through the attic. While this can be a costly problem regarding keeping your home heated, it can also allow the snow on your roof to melt irregularly, causing an uneven weight distribution that can result in weakening the roof structure over time. Water can also seep through the shingles and the backing material to saturate your attic area. This can cause both water damage and mold in the attic of your Elkhorn home.
There are plenty of websites that would suggest that mold is something that you can remove on your own with simple DIY fixes. The trouble with this, is most people do not have the appropriate equipment to remove the mold entirely or to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout the home. The best solution for you is to call a firm with IICRC certified technicians, like our SERVPRO team.
Our experienced staff is trained in the varieties of fungal growth and learn strategies to remove colonies successfully. Once we have received the protocol from a certified industrial hygienist, we normally begin the job by sectioning off the affected area in a negative air chamber to prevent the spread of spores into other areas of your home. High-efficiency air scrubbers with HEPA filtration are employed, which are powerful and fine enough to remove 99.99% of mold spore and other contaminates down to .3 microns in size from the air.
While this is just a small piece of our complete remediation process, our SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest team is ready for any level of emergency that you might have. Give our remediation specialists a call today at (402) 800-2134.

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Prepare Your Elkhorn Home Against Flood Damage

2/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Prepare Your Elkhorn Home Against Flood Damage Dealing with flooding can be overwhelming. For cleanup services and prevention tips, contact SERVPRO right away after an event.

SERVPRO Offers the ERP Program to Help Prevent and Mitigate Damage Caused by Flooding to Your Elkhorn Property

Flooding is a common disaster that leads to millions of dollars worth of damage for homeowners every year. Although it is nearly impossible to protect your Elkhorn home altogether, there are many ways for expertly trained flood damage restoration specialists to help you avoid or reduce damages a flood may cause.

Working with an expertly trained local professional can drastically increase your home's chances of surviving flood damage in Elkhorn. Having a pre-existing relationship provides you with access to IICRC certified technicians who know your property and have the personnel, equipment, and resources available to help during an emergency.

Your SERVPRO team can help mitigate flood and water damage. We offer a mobile app for both residential and commercial customers. Ask us for a free consultation regarding the ERP, Emergency READY Profile Plan for your property. Many valuable tips, contact information, and chain of command for decision-making are a few factors that arm you against the unexpected. Our goal is to prevent on-going damage as we extract the flood waters and any accompanying debris.  

Negative grading often affects the flow of rainwater, which can gather along your foundation, rather than moving away as intended. Taking the opportunity to slope the ground away from the structure, making adjustments to existing landscaping,  installing interior and exterior backflow prevention valves, sump pumps, and other drainage measures can help prevent flooding or sewage backups.

SERVPRO strongly advises implementing these suggestions as part of the ERP Program. We strive to provide excellent restoration services and help you limit the many ways water has to enter your home, protecting your home, contents, and personal belongings from flood damage whenever possible.

Remember, flooding can occur any time of year. However, storms are more common during Springtime and often lead to flooding in your home. We can help you extract unwanted flood water from your property, clean-up and restore salvageable items while drying, disinfecting, and deodorizing to complete our flood damage restoration service. Rebuilding or reconstruction of flood-damaged structures by a licensed contractor can then begin.

Contact SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest for full details regarding cleanup and restoration services available to homeowners throughout Omaha and Bennington as well. We are proud to serve every member of our local community and strive to provide you with detail-oriented, trustworthy restoration services you can count on, call today. (402) 800-2134

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Common Complications After Fire Damage in Valley

1/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Common Complications After Fire Damage in Valley Dealing with fire damage can be overwhelming when you factor in having to deal with the water that put the fire out. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate ALL Aspects of Fire Damage in Order to Prevent Secondary Damages

Remediation of fire damage in Valley often requires services that may be surprising if the fire loss is your first. Mitigation of the effects of fire also must take into consideration the need to respond to the damage caused by firefighting efforts. Lingering issues such as unpleasant odors or mold also require skilled intervention for resolution.
Fire that damages a home in Valley through combustion of building material and contents, can result in charring and the deposit of ash, soot, and smoky residues throughout the dwelling. Before remediation of these issues begins, however, trained technicians must also remediate the damage done to the house by chemical agents or large quantities of water that were employed to extinguish the fire. The full spectrum of services SERVPRO crews offer allow them to remediate the water damage before focusing on the fire clean up.
The devastation potential of water damage cannot be denied. Removing standing water and drying out structures is an immediate necessity when sorting through the tasks required to remediate fire damage. Water damage unresolved continues to deteriorate the framework, walls, stairs, floors, and ceilings of a house. Many safety issues can result from unmitigated water damage, including the risk of electrical shock, slips, trips, and falls.
Once the water damage challenges are managed, SERVPRO crews move on to a thorough cleaning of the soot and smoke residues spread throughout the home. The IICRC training mastered by the technicians guides their decisions about the combination of procedure, tools and SERVPRO Professional Products that will be most efficacious in returning the home to pre-fire condition. The compassion and caring of the team as they listen to the concerns of the homeowners assures the highest level of customer service.
Final considerations for any fire damage scenario would include an inspection for any mold damage, especially if water incursion remained remediated for more than 72 hours. A mold remediation will follow when indicated. If the thorough cleanup of the soot and smoke damage does not eliminate unpleasant odors, SERVPRO crews have a protocol they follow to rid the home of the smell, including the use of advanced technologies that neutralize the offending odors, not merely concealing them with other smells.
SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest has experience in the range of services needed to return a home to the condition enjoyed before the fire. Call to schedule an assessment of your needs at (402) 800-2134.

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Expert Water Removal: A Critical Step When Omaha Pipes Freeze in Commercial Buildings

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Expert Water Removal: A Critical Step When Omaha Pipes Freeze in Commercial Buildings Frozen pipes are a fact of cold winters unless they are insulated. Should you have damage after pipes freezing, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Expertly Remove Water From Your Business

Record low temperatures across the country this winter put commercial buildings in Omaha at risk for frozen and broken pipes. When a broken pipe occurs, the misery from the bitter cold can be amplified by the intrusion of large quantities of unwanted water in your Omaha business or public place. Finding a company that reliably removes water and dries the structure regardless of the cause is the key to starting the remediation process.
Before any plan can be developed to get your commercial property back to normal, commercial water removal must be completed in the Omaha business affected. SERVPRO crews are uniquely qualified to take all professional measures to move the water out quickly and thoroughly. Specialized training to measure and monitor moisture and scan for hidden pockets of water ensures that the removal is comprehensive. Only when all of the water is evacuated can the damage caused by the intrusion be observed and appropriately evaluated.
Water removal needs to be completed as soon as possible after the plumbing failure due to frozen pipes. If the power in the waterlogged area has been shut off as a safety precaution, the SERVPRO vehicles responding have onboard power options for their truck mounted equipment. Submersible pumps and high-efficiency water extractors are precisely matched to the challenges posed by standing water.
When operated by technicians trained according to water remediation industry standards developed by the IIRC, this equipment does its job quickly and thoroughly. The SERVPRO team members who respond to a frozen pipe disaster have mastered the use of this state of the art equipment and deliver the highest quality results.
The SERVPRO production managers and technicians who work with the business owner after a water loss realize how devastating and overwhelming the aftermath of frozen pipes can be. A business can prosper in the future only if the damage done by the water is remediated quickly after removal. An essential part of their job is to listen carefully as customers share their concerns. Answering questions and explaining the process is crucial in the SERVPRO crew’s effort to offer the very best in customer service.
If frozen pipes due to recent plunging temperatures fill your commercial space with water, SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest has the skills and tools to remove the water. Call (402) 800-2134 anytime day or night for expert assistance.

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Tackling Mold Damage in Elkhorn

1/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Tackling Mold Damage in Elkhorn Finding mold in your home need not cause a panic. Contact SERVPRO and have our trained technicians investigate the extent of the infestation.

Our Technicians are Experts in Remediating Mold and Preventing Constant Recurrences

Mold spore is a common element of dust in every Elkhorn home. The spore can remain in an inert state almost indefinitely, until it comes into contact with enough moisture to allow it to 'sprout' and grow, seeking a food source and further sources of water.
To stop the growth and remove mold damage in Elkhorn homes, SERVPRO carefully follows the guidelines developed by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC gridlines are based on the specifications developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for schools but are also applicable to private homes and apartment buildings. For mold remediation, there are key steps that we have adopted for our residential customers.
First, we must contain the affected area by constructing an airtight barrier around it.  We then set up negative air pressure within the containment area to prevent the spread of mold throughout the building.  

Once the affected area is contained, drying and removing non-salvageable materials can begin.  Mold cannot be safely removed from porous materials such as drywall, insulation, and carpet, so these types of materials must usually be discarded. Some salvageable items must be removed and cleaned off-site, at our facility. Depending on the type of item, technicians can wipe down the surface with a dry sponge or cloth. For thicker layers of mold, we use either water or a mild anti-fungal cleaner to loosen the mold and remove it.

Upholstered furniture can be difficult to clean.  It requires a stronger cleaning agent and a way to agitate both the cleaner and the surface of the fabric to remove the mold. In most cases, SERVPRO technicians can still clean these sofas or upholstered chairs in the home.
The items we removed from the home require immersion to clean them. For mold this thick, we take the item, such as window blinds, and place them inside a tank of cleaning agent. This method is effective, but not recommended when there is a risk of color run.
As team members clean salvageable property, others dispose of items too infested to be cleaned. We carefully bag or otherwise cover the items and remove them from the home.
Stopping and cleaning mold in your home is not an easy task, but at SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest, we do our best to make it as simple, quick and painless as possible. If you suspect or see mold in your home, call us today at (402) 800-2134 to schedule an appointment.

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Water Damage Remediation Specialists in Omaha

12/31/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Remediation Specialists in Omaha Basement flooding can cause many problems from structural to mold. Contact SERVPRO right away when you are facing flood damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Equipped to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property

Water intrusion into the basement or foundation of your Omaha home can be the result of a variety of causes.  Groundwater flooding is one cause, with an increased incidence of this when the ground becomes saturated with runoff from several storms in the space of a few days or weeks. Finding a reliable remediation company to help you restore the resulting water damage is the key to a satisfactory resolution.
When groundwater enters your building, the initial step in the remediation of the water damage in Omaha will usually be to extract standing water and pump it back outside from whence it came. Removing any standing water is necessary for SERVPRO employees to determine the extent of damage and whether any repairs or reconstruction will be required. Only when substances inside the building contaminate intruded groundwater is it necessary to retain the fluid for disposal in a sanitary sewer system. Such contaminating substances may include sewage backup, chemicals, or other hazards that cannot be spread back out on the ground.
Once the extraction is complete, the SERVPRO remediation team will address other questions to move the water damaged property back to preloss condition. Decisions must be made as to what materials can be remediated by the technicians. A detailed plan will be developed and discussed with the owner, and every step will be followed before the project is considered complete for the customer.
The SERVPRO remediation team members have received extensive training in sorting through water-damaged structural materials and personal possessions. Their education received guides their efforts as they help the homeowners understand which items that were damaged by the water can be cleaned and returned to preloss condition. They diligently make sure all articles and surfaces determined salvageable are restored. Materials and items too damaged with moisture or contaminants to remediate will be recommended for disposal.
The highly-qualified employees of SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest are ready to help community members move on after water damages foundations and basements. Call for an evaluation of your situation at (402) 800-2134.

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Call the Water Damage Remediation Specialists in Omaha

12/28/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Call the Water Damage Remediation Specialists in Omaha Appliances in your home can cause unexpected damage, rely on SERVPRO to restore your home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Offers Fast and Reliable Water Damage Remediation Services

When unexpected leaks or overflows from appliances cause harm to your home in the Omaha metropolitan area, you will likely find yourself in the market for a reliable remediation company. A homeowner needs a local company that is willing to work with other skilled contractors to transform your home back to preloss condition quickly. SERVPRO is ready to serve in that role.

A master plumber or appliance repair company can resolve the underlying water incursion causes of water damage to your Omaha home. Then our team from SERVPRO focuses on managing the effects of the water damage. Residual water is pumped or extracted by experienced and trained technicians, using powerful extraction equipment. Scanning technology permits our crew members to identify moisture trapped in hidden recesses. Employing one or more tactics, our SERVPRO workers remove the hidden water to avoid any secondary damage.

The next step is to complete the drying of the structure and contents. We measure moisture levels in water-damaged building materials and fixtures such as carpeting. To take on the big task of bringing moisture levels down to normal limits, our technicians use the strategies learned in IICRC courses, setting drying goals in keeping with industry standards. Industrial-strength air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers pull excess moisture out of the structure and the interior air, hastening the drying process. The falling moisture levels are monitored throughout the process to ensure that drying is complete and conforms to the planned reduction.

The mission of remediation is to reverse or stop further harm. Expect our dedicated SERVPRO technicians to strive to halt any additional damage linked to the now-repaired pipe leaks or appliances. Floors and carpeting receive special attention. A weighted extractor is used to remove as much liquid water as possible from carpeting, while the remaining moisture is coaxed out and removed with air movement and dehumidification. Drying mats pull water from the hardwood and subflooring. Structural components revert to their previously dry and stable state, allowing you and your family to enjoy a comfortable and functional living space again.

If water damage is a challenge you are facing, call our remediation team at SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest. Our dispatchers are available round the clock at (402) 800-2134, ready to answer your call and arrange for an expert evaluation.

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Fire Damage Remediation Help in the Omaha Area

12/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Remediation Help in the Omaha Area Regardless of what area of your home is affected, SERVPRO remediates and deodorizes your property so that you will forget there was ever a fire.

Certified Technicians Remediate Your Home Efficaciously After a Fire

Recovering from a fire in the Omaha community needs to be a team effort. Many different things are required to take your fire damaged dwelling from a sooty, wet mess back to the clean and comfortable home you deserve to enjoy with your family. Hiring a remediation company that is committed to being your partner is your first step.
The fire damage to your Omaha home may have many causes. The way the fire started and the type of materials that burned will impact the techniques your SERVPRO remediation team uses to bring your home back to its preloss condition. The project manager takes the time to assess safety issues after your dwelling is released by your local fire department for remediation evaluation. Any reconstruction issues that must be addressed are referred to contractors licensed and certified to repair and replace vital structural components. After the needed outside work is completed the SERVPRO supervisor creates a step by step plan to clear your home of soot and smoke residues and odors.
Now your home is stabilized and ready for deep cleaning and other treatments required to abate the damage. A SERVPRO work team is dispatched to move throughout your home, cleaning each area affected by the fire and smoke thoroughly. The work crew members have all completed advanced training in SERVPRO Employee Certification and IICRC courses that guide them through every process needed to bring your home back to life.
The grime and coatings that combusted materials leave behind can be tough to remove, but the SERVPRO team has both the training and the on the job experience to choose the correct SERVPRO Professional Products, tools, and techniques to give you a professional job. Hard work and patience go a long way toward achieving the desired results, as the crew manages each surface and article in turn. These dedicated workers will not be satisfied until your home is clean and smells fresh, just “Like it never even happened.”
No group of fire remediators takes more pride in their work than the crews at SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest. Give them a call at (402) 800-2134 and rely on their skill, experience, and ethical approach to arrive at your desired result after fire damage.

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More Than Just Storms Lead to Water Removal in Omaha

12/10/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage More Than Just Storms Lead to Water Removal in Omaha Leaks and other events can bring either a large amount or accumulating droplets of water into your home. Contact SERVPRO for remediation efforts.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Water Damage After Any Type of Incident

Even if your home has never been flooded, excess moisture may still be wearing down its materials and creating ever-costlier damage to your property. SERVPRO's water removal services in Omaha include more than just catastrophic water damage remediation. A significant proportion of our calls are for more moderate, subtle examples of water and moisture wreaking havoc in a home. Cases like these are some of the most common water removal projects we take on without any storms or flooding.
Excess Humidity
When a home's atmosphere is too humid as a result of excess water intrusion, airborne water droplets can start to cause damage to metals, wood, certain finishes, fabrics, and other materials common in American homes. Long periods of exposure to humid conditions can encourage mold growth in fabrics and building materials. In the course of standard water remediation techniques, we remove standing water first by pumping and extracting, then reduce the relative humidity in the air and the moisture content of materials by deploying air movers and dehumidifiers. This dehumidification process also improves overall indoor air quality (IAQ). SERVPRO offers various types of equipment such as low grain refrigerant (LGR) and silica gel based (desiccant) dehumidifiers.

Appliance Malfunctions
Even the most stalwart appliances can malfunction on occasion, and objects that use large volumes of water in their normal operation are susceptible to flooding or dampening the area around them. Even if no standing water is created, small mishaps can still saturate porous materials and cause long-term damage if the cause of the dampness is not addressed and a proper water restoration procedure conducted.
Leaks and drips in other areas in your home can also develop into problems significant enough to warrant a full water removal effort.  Even small leaks are left unrepaired left unprepared for an extended period can allow the water to seep deeply into materials to create a soaked, mold-vulnerable area, often hidden behind walls or beneath flooring materials.
SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest provides water removal solution for most any water or flood problem you may have. For fast, 24/7 service, give us a call at (402) 800-2134.

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