Recent Before & After Photos

Water dripping from ceiling after roof torn off from high winds

In this gorgeous log cabin style home there had been some storm damage from the straight line winds that had torn of the roof from this families home. It had th... READ MORE

Suspected water damage leads to mold

In the photos above you can see mold, originally when SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest got the call for the job there was an obvious water loss. Our crew headed to th... READ MORE

Storm damage leaving water damage

During the recent hail storms with high winds it left most wondering what to do when it was raining in their homes. In this particular situation it was due to h... READ MORE

Office Covered with Water in Omaha

The reflection of the items and the lighting illustrates the amount and depth of the standing water. In a commercial setting, it is important to restore the wor... READ MORE

Elkhorn Charred Joists in a Basement?

Quite often, as depicted by the Before Photo, the visible effects of a fire can take on many faces. Soft, raw lumber constructed as floor joists, was scorched f... READ MORE

Water Damage – Omaha Office

Water damage in your Omaha office can close the business. The carpeting in several offices can become thoroughly soaked. The desks and chairs can be&n... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Omaha Kitchen

Fire damage at this Omaha home began with a grease fire in the kitchen of the home. Grease fires burn very intensely and lead to lots of soot and smoke damage. ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Omaha Home

Water damage to this Omaha home occurred due to a busted water line in a bathroom. The line had burst during a time that the residents were away on vacation all... READ MORE

Mold Cleaning

This is white mold growing in the attic of a house. As you can see there was quite a bit and after the SERVPRO team got in there and cleaned the mold with our s... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup Omaha, NE

The black mold in the before picture was a major concern for this customer. The after picture was taken after our crew had gone in and cleaned and sprayed antim... READ MORE