Recent Before & After Photos

Elkhorn Charred Joists in a Basement?

Quite often, as depicted by the Before Photo, the visible effects of a fire can take on many faces. Soft, raw lumber constructed as floor joists, was scorched f... READ MORE

Water Damage – Omaha Office

Water damage in your Omaha office can close the business. The carpeting in several offices can become thoroughly soaked. The desks and chairs can be&n... READ MORE

Storm Damage from Wind and Rain in Omaha

When water enters an attic crawl space from a broken chimney or fallen limb, this is a visible result of what could be confronted by the Omaha homeowner. There ... READ MORE

Water Damage - Omaha Offices

Water Damage to this Omaha office resulted when a water pipe above the ceiling began leaking profusely. The before photo shows the extent of the water damage to... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Damage – Omaha Office

Mold damage at this vacant Omaha office was caused by a leaky fire sprinkler line that was hidden above the ceiling. The office space had been vacant and for re... READ MORE

Smoke and soot damage can get everywhere

In the first photo you can see how much soot is left over from a fire. This fire happened in a bathroom around the corner and down the hall from this kitchen bu... READ MORE

Omaha Storm Damage to the House

This stormwater was the result of the riverbank overflowing and depositing Black Water (contaminated with sewage, pesticides, and mud) into the first level of t... READ MORE

Water Damage in the Ridgewood Senior Center

The pooling water on the commercial grade carpet at the Ridgewood Senior Center was caused by a burst water line in the fire suppressant system. The level above... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Omaha Home

Mold damage occurred in this Omaha home in the water heater area. The water line to the appliance had a small leak that built up the moisture in the drywall. Th... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Omaha Kitchen

Fire damage at this Omaha home began with a grease fire in the kitchen of the home. Grease fires burn very intensely and lead to lots of soot and smoke damage. ... READ MORE