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More Than Just Storms Lead to Water Removal in Omaha

12/10/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage More Than Just Storms Lead to Water Removal in Omaha Leaks and other events can bring either a large amount or accumulating droplets of water into your home. Contact SERVPRO for remediation efforts.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Water Damage After Any Type of Incident

Even if your home has never been flooded, excess moisture may still be wearing down its materials and creating ever-costlier damage to your property. SERVPRO's water removal services in Omaha include more than just catastrophic water damage remediation. A significant proportion of our calls are for more moderate, subtle examples of water and moisture wreaking havoc in a home. Cases like these are some of the most common water removal projects we take on without any storms or flooding.
Excess Humidity
When a home's atmosphere is too humid as a result of excess water intrusion, airborne water droplets can start to cause damage to metals, wood, certain finishes, fabrics, and other materials common in American homes. Long periods of exposure to humid conditions can encourage mold growth in fabrics and building materials. In the course of standard water remediation techniques, we remove standing water first by pumping and extracting, then reduce the relative humidity in the air and the moisture content of materials by deploying air movers and dehumidifiers. This dehumidification process also improves overall indoor air quality (IAQ). SERVPRO offers various types of equipment such as low grain refrigerant (LGR) and silica gel based (desiccant) dehumidifiers.

Appliance Malfunctions
Even the most stalwart appliances can malfunction on occasion, and objects that use large volumes of water in their normal operation are susceptible to flooding or dampening the area around them. Even if no standing water is created, small mishaps can still saturate porous materials and cause long-term damage if the cause of the dampness is not addressed and a proper water restoration procedure conducted.
Leaks and drips in other areas in your home can also develop into problems significant enough to warrant a full water removal effort.  Even small leaks are left unrepaired left unprepared for an extended period can allow the water to seep deeply into materials to create a soaked, mold-vulnerable area, often hidden behind walls or beneath flooring materials.
SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest provides water removal solution for most any water or flood problem you may have. For fast, 24/7 service, give us a call at (402) 800-2134.

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Mitigation of Your Fremont Home Removes Smelly Evidence of Fire

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Mitigation of Your Fremont Home Removes Smelly Evidence of Fire Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO after the fire fighters leave for remediation and restoration efforts.

SERVPRO Technicians Handle Many Aspects of Fire Damage Restoration From Clean-Up to Removing the Odors

When a Fremont home endures a disaster, changes to its appearance also happen. Fire causes both physical and chemical changes to take place to the interior and often, to the exterior, of a home. Physical changes can mean once-beautiful aspects to your home become charred or dirty. Chemical changes often mean horrible odors permeate the air.

Homeowners in Fremont with fire damaged homes start the restoration process through mitigation. Cleaning and preparing the home by removing all safety hazards ensures that complete restoration happens quickly and smoothly. When something shows damage in your home after a fire, we first try to save the material. Only when that fails do we opt for removal of the material.

When a fire causes your home to burn, many changes take place. When we remove fire-damaged materials, odors often dissipate and become much weaker. Carpeting and rugs absorb a tremendous amount of soot but can remain reasonably clean-looking. However, below the surface can hold staggering amounts of soot and other debris. Our Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) can discuss options with you regarding the amount of damage sustained by the carpets in your home.

Cleaning the surfaces inside of your home removes the soot that creates the signature odor of a house fire. Soft materials absorb soot
and steadily give off odor-causing particles. Specialized cleaning and laundering of these items at our facility ensure they remain out of the way while work progresses. When finished cleaning these items of soot, returning them to you happens at your convenience.

Eliminating any remaining odors decreases the number of memory triggers your family experiences, and helps make the memory of the fire fade much more quickly. Our Odor Control Technician works with our customers individually because odor detection varies from person to person. While one person may not smell an odor at all, another person might smell an overpowering scent. We want to ensure your satisfaction with how your home smells and looks before we consider our work finished.

There are many other ways that the technicians at SERVPRO can help you and your family recover from fire damage. SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest wants to help you every step of the way. Call us at (402) 800-2134 whenever you need expert services.

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Remediation of Contaminants Complicating Flood Damage in Omaha

11/19/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Remediation of Contaminants Complicating Flood Damage in Omaha Contact the specialists at SERVPRO after flooding in your home. One call starts the process from an assessment to restoration.

SERVPRO Technicians Assess the Type of Water that Has Flooded Your Property Before Beginning the Drying Out Process

Heavy rains can cause concentrations of flood waters in the Omaha area. Proper handling of flood water that may contain hazardous materials and sewage can be a complicated problem. Simple removal of the water is not always adequate, requiring instead containment and disposal of potentially contaminated mixtures of rain runoff, infectious waste, and chemicals. Professional water removal and damage remediation is a must under these circumstances.
Homes in the path of flood damage in Omaha need intensive efforts to minimize the dangers posed by potentially contaminated water. If the water invading residences is not handled properly, your family risks illness, chemical hazards, and injuries. The structure and contents of your home can also suffer a range of catastrophic consequences as flood waters flow through and collect in living spaces. Our technicians master techniques to help safeguard your personal health and building integrity even after a significant flooding event.
Local codes require gray and black water that has been extracted and contained to be disposed of using methods to protect individuals and the greater community. Pumping and extraction equipment must have the power and capacity to clear enormous quantities of fouled and potentially hazardous water quickly. SERVPRO service vehicles carry submersible pumps, industrial strength extractors, and emergency power generation equipment to operate under storm conditions.
The flood remediation team takes baseline moisture readings for structures and interior air as the majority of standing water exits via pumping and suctioning technology. Advanced scanning technology can identify pockets of moisture in wall cavities, under flooring, within foundation structures, and in other recesses. SERVPRO workers use their training and experience to remove this trapped moisture, opening up sections of drywall or paneling and drilling holes in cinder block, concrete, or mortar joints to expose and release flood water. Periodic moisture level re-measurements reveal if drying techniques utilizing air movers and dehumidifiers are succeeding in achieving industry drying target standards.
Drying wet materials and applying professional antimicrobial treatments helps to inhibit the growth or spread of potentially harmful microbes such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. SERVPRO presents your cleaned, dried, and sanitized home after our crews complete flood damage remediation.
Transforming your home from contaminated, watery chaos to a dry, clean, and infectious waste-free space is the mission of flood damage specialists at SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest. Call (402) 800-2134 day or night for an assessment and project plan.

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Reliable Fire Damage Remediation In Omaha

10/29/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Reliable Fire Damage Remediation In Omaha Kitchen fire damage happens everyday in homes around the country. If a fire gets out of control, contact SERVPRO after the firefighters leave.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Many Types of Damage After a Fire

Fire damages not only the structure and contents of your home, but the event can be frightening and affects your sense of refuge and safety. Homeowners who face the chaos after a fire need the compassion and experience an established leader in the remediation industry brings to the scene of their disaster.
Just a few minutes of inattention can result in kitchen fire damage in Omaha from an overheated pan bursting into flames in your residence. Smoke and soot fill that room and move through your home very quickly. Even if you have a functioning fire extinguisher nearby, it takes a few minutes to find and engage it to extinguish the flames, permitting the substances created by the combustion to spread in the meantime. Once the fire is out, you now confront the chemical residue from the extinguisher in addition to the damage from the fire itself. Highly skilled and IICRC trained abatement technicians employ effective strategies to clean all surfaces coated with fire damage and chemical residues.
SERVPRO fire damage remediation crew members swiftly assess the damage to the kitchen and the rest of your home. A seasoned manager devises a plan accounting for all the tasks needed to clean the walls, ceilings, floors, appliances, furnishings, and other surfaces soiled or otherwise harmed by the fire and its extinguishing. The team matches appropriate cleaning solutions and tools to the residues throughout all spaces in your dwelling.
Ash and light, dry soot respond well to cleaning techniques like vacuuming, with HEPA filter equipped models, and dry sponging. Stickier coatings require wisely chosen cleansers or solvents sprayed on the damaged surfaces and then wiped or scrubbed clean. Fixtures or objects featuring intricate details like blinds or chandeliers may require immersion cleaning. SERVPRO workers are familiar with a broad range of methods that leave the structure and contents or your home cleaned and refreshed after fire damage.
An inspection and cleaning of the HVAC system in your fire-damaged home may be recommended by SERVPRO if the fire blazed and smoked near open vents. This step helps assure that the cleaning done eliminates as much of the fire damage residue as possible and prevents the continuous spread of hidden soot when heating and cooling occurs.
Rely on SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest to respond to your fire damage remediation needs with professionalism and empathy. One call to (402) 800-2134 delivers the help you need fast any hour of the day or night.

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Overnight Plumbing Overflow Requires Fast Water Removal In Omaha

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Overnight Plumbing Overflow Requires Fast Water Removal In Omaha Whether a toilet or sink overflowed and flooded your school, calling SERVPRO immediately is the best option. We will arrive quickly to remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Equipped to Remediate Flooding Situations of Any Size

Once the work or school day is over, most Omaha businesses and educational centers lock the doors and send everyone home. It is difficult to be sure that every faucet, fountain, or toilet in a commercial building or school is shut off as the doors close. Unexpected plumbing overflows discovered the next day need professional remediation.
A continually running toilet poured hundreds to thousands of gallons of water inside an elementary school, the need for commercial water removal in Omaha is discovered early in the morning by engineering staff. The toilet located outside the cafeteria caused deep water to collect in low lying areas of the school’s basement. Water removal must proceed immediately for safety reasons and to reveal any damage done to the HVAC systems located in the affected areas.
SERVPRO crews are uniquely qualified to respond to this type of water disaster. Heavy-duty submersible water pumps and powerful water extractors are stocked on each responding truck, ready to operate even if power must be cut in the commercial building for safety reasons. Technicians train regularly to keep their skills sharp when presented with a large water removal request, holding IICRC certification in moisture extraction of this magnitude.
Moisture level readings are necessary throughout the process to ensure that the excess water is eradicated. If the water arose from a toilet and food service or preparation areas are involved, it is imperative that highly-qualified technicians like those working for SERVPRO respond. They receive advanced instruction in proven strategies to manage potentially contaminated water.
If the water is determined to be gray or black according to industry standards, SERVPRO crews contain and dispose of the tainted mixture as required by local codes. When the standing and other evident water is gone, scans and moisture meter readings are done to locate moisture trapped between walls, under floors, or in the cells common in the cinder block construction frequently used in schools.
SERVPRO crews continue to remove water in these recesses until testing shows no hidden pockets. Then clean up, and sanitization completes the remediation services provided by this experienced and skilled company.

Water removal services are a specialty of SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest. School spaces suffering from standing water need remediation, and one call to (402) 800-2134 gets expert water removal help on the way.
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Restoring Water Damage in Omaha Homes

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Restoring Water Damage in Omaha Homes Plumbing issues can trickle down through your floor and onto the ceiling or other areas of your home. If you are facing water damage, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Report to the Flooded Scene with Equipment to Properly Dry Out the Property

Omaha homes are vulnerable to flooding from weather and more common accidents. It is especially true for carpets and wood floors. No matter where the water comes from, a professional restoration service can deal with removing, cleaning, and remediating the ill effects a flood causes.
Treating water damage to Omaha homes first requires stopping the flow and removal of any standing water as soon as possible. SERVPRO certifies each member of our 24-hour response team on every piece of equipment needed for this and every action we take to return a home to its original state.
Since most house flooding comes from failed plumbing, stopping it is relatively simple. Upon arrival to a job site, one of our technicians first turns off the water main to the house. With that accomplished, the response team performs a complete inspection. If the weather permits, we open every window and door to the residence to enable crossflow of air.
Now, SERVPRO technicians bring in the equipment needed to remove water; commercial grade pumps and water extraction wands. The pumps remove water down to the surface of carpets and floors and then we use the wands to draw out water trapped either in or under both.
Once the carpets are free of water, they are now light enough to lift. It allows technicians to examine the floor for any remaining moisture. If there is, we use a combination of air movers and exhaust fans to force warm, dry air under and over the carpet to dry it. If there is a pad underneath, they remove and dispose of it.
The same fans and air movers work well for wood floors as well to dry them. If a moisture meter test still indicates the presence of water, it may be necessary to drill holes into the floor in corners or under the baseboards to allow additional ventilation for drying. In cases where there is water pooled under the floorboards, SERVPRO technicians may have to remove one or two boards to use the extraction wands.
Most of the effects from water damage can be eliminated or significantly reduced by quickly removing the moisture and drying out the affected property. For more information about what SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest can do for your home, call us today at (402) 800-2134.

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Should You Search For Mold Damage To Your Omaha Home This Fall?

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Should You Search For Mold Damage To Your Omaha Home This Fall? Your air conditioning system can cause water to enter your home and help cause a mold infestation. If you suspect that this occurred, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO can Quickly Assess Actual and Potential Damage to Several Areas of Your Home Before the Weather Gets Colder

Many homeowners line up a number of tasks to clean and maintain their homes as the nights grow chill. Managing problems before they become serious makes sense and autumn is the perfect time to inspect your Omaha home for areas showing signs of water intrusion and the mold growth that may follow.
Finding and remediating mold damage in Omaha before winter ensures susceptible residents avoid the health effects caused by microbial growth that may spread throughout indoor residential spaces when windows and doors close tight against the elements. Looking for potential mold damage before the heating season makes sense.

One of the most important places to check for mold growth is within your HVAC system. The vents and blowers that have been idle during the milder days of early fall should not be operated until you are sure no mold colonies live inside. Heating systems located in a damp basement can spread mold spore quickly throughout your dwelling when the fan is turned on. If you smell a musty odor near your HVAC intake vents, you may need to have your HVAC system cleaned by an air conditioning professional.
Another area that may harbor mold, especially after the summer's rain and hail storms, is the upper levels of your home. Checking your attic or rooms that you don't frequently visit before engaging your heating system in the colder months can help prevent the spread of microbes throughout your home. A musty smell may warrant professional assessment as microbial growth does not need light and may be hiding in attics, plenums or other inaccessible areas of your home.
Mold is also common around AC units, where condensate drains can become blocked and cause accumulation of moisture. Poorly insulated walls or single pane windows can encourage condensation when the cold air encountered hot, humid summer outdoor conditions. This can include high ambient humidity and condensation. We offer proven strategies to reduce the water content in the air and on surfaces to shut down mold reproduction. Then we use EPA approved procedures to contain and remove moldy materials before sanitizing the affected areas with effective antimicrobial agents.
Move into the fall and winter confident that mold damage in your home is abated successfully through the efforts of SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest’s remediation teams. Call (402) 800-2134 to schedule an evaluation of your mold damage risk.

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Prevent Fire Damage In Omaha With Home Fire Alarm Maintenance

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Prevent Fire Damage In Omaha With Home Fire Alarm Maintenance Omaha Homes with Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors Help Secure Life and Property--SERVPRO Advice

SERVPRO Strongly Suggests Smoke & Fire Alarms for Personal and Property Protection

There can be no doubt that every home needs a fire alarm. A home fire alarm system protects you and your family in Omaha by alerting you early to fire so you can get out. Having a system in place is particularly important in case a fire breaks out overnight when you are asleep and might not notice straight away. Fire damage to your home is distressing and can also be costly. You can help prevent damage by investing in fire alarms for your house and maintaining them properly.
SERVPRO recommends that every home in Omaha has fire alarms in place to help to avoid fire damage, injury or death. There are regulations regarding the number of fire alarms, and some older homes might not meet these, so it is important to fit your home with the correct number of warnings. You need an alarm on each floor of your home (this includes the basement and attic), plus one in every bedroom, and one in the area adjacent to the sleeping area.
All smoke alarms should be wired together in such a way that if one goes off, they all go off.
It is important to test your home alarm system regularly. After all, if a fire alarm is not working it cannot alert you in the event of a blaze, and the consequences of that could be catastrophic.
Most fire alarms can be tested by simply pushing the test button. If the alarm sounds it is working; if not, then it is not operating properly. It is common for checking the batteries when you change your home clocks for seasonal time changes.
If you have a battery operated fire alarm, try replacing the battery and then testing again. If it still does not work, replace the unit. If you have a hard-wired fire alarm and it does not make a sound, then it is faulty and needs to be replaced.
You should be aware that most fire alarms are only good for around ten years and need to be replaced at the ten-year mark, regardless of whether they pass the sound test or not.
In the event of fire damage to your home, SERVPRO is on hand to help with cleanup and restore your home as quickly as possible, “Like it never even happened.” We take care of soot cleanup, washing and spot cleaning soft furnishings, scrubbing hard surfaces, and deodorization, so your home feels like yours once more.
For help with soot cleaning in Bennington, Inglewood, Rellers Park and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest at (402) 800-2134 today.

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Residential Water Removal In Omaha

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Residential Water Removal In Omaha Water heaters unfortunately don't last forever. Keep an eye on yours and should it start to leak or send water onto your floor, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive With ALL of the Equipment Necessary to Quickly Begin the Water Damage Remediation Process at Your Home

When pipes or a sump pump fails, or a bathtub overflows, rooms in your Omaha home can accumulate several inches or more of water quickly, filling surrounding wall spaces or other extended areas as well. In cases like this, you will need professional assistance. A significant amount of unwanted water requires powerful equipment and skilled operators to extract. We offer both the equipment and the certified work crews to remove water fast, no matter the source.
A common scenario is an aging water heater that cracks, pouring 50 gallons of hot water into your utility room. You may not realize it until you notice no water is coming from the hot water tap and investigate. Meanwhile, the water continues to run, accumulate and spread. Emergency water removal services from an experienced Omaha water damage restoration firm are necessary to remediate this situation. With SERVPRO's nearly 50 years in the business, engaging one of our crews is a solid choice for speedy resolution of your problem.
SERVPRO is a leader in the water damage restoration industry, staffed with highly qualified technicians and offering the latest in industrial strength equipment. Our team and truck will arrive ready to start the necessary work, with submersible pumps and powerful extractors.  Lack of electrical power is also a common problem when your home is several inches deep in water, but we bring the power with us.
An experienced project manager will assess your plight and soon the crew will commence pumping and extracting the water. Sometimes paints and other chemicals stored near the heater taint the water. SERVPRO has considerable familiarity with potentially contaminated water and collects and disposes of contaminated water according to waste disposal laws and guidelines.
After extracting standing water from the floors, our team continues to search for pockets of trapped moisture. Foundations and basements are often made of cinder block which can trap water in hidden cells. Partitions, drywall, and paneling also hold water, but we use penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters as well as infrared detection to identify unseen, trapped moisture. Drywall may have to be partially removed.  Extraction can also take place from above, or through holes drilled through wallboard or mortar joints to release water for removal.
The final step in a water removal and remediation process is choosing appropriate drying method to avoid secondary damage such as mold growth, crumbling building materials, and warped floors or supportive structures. SERVPRO crews use high-efficiency air movers, dehumidifiers, and injection drying systems to reduce moisture to normal levels.
SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest has the trained staff, equipment, and experience to remove water in your home quickly and efficiently. Call (402) 800-2134 to have a remediation team scheduled to begin work as soon as possible.

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Cleaning Up Flood Damage after Storms Hit Omaha

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Cleaning Up Flood Damage after Storms Hit Omaha Flooding in Omaha Gets Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Mitigates Omaha Area Storm Damages with a Fast Response

There are many reasons why a storm can create localized flooding in Omaha. As the open land areas around your neighborhood are developed more and more into homes, offices and retail, the soil beneath them that once absorbed rainfall is now covered with roadways and buildings that shed rain run-off. During storms local drainage systems, creeks and rivers can be overwhelmed by the rapid run-off and begin to overflow. Recent construction can change the way rainwater flows, affecting areas that have never experienced flooding problems in the past, and torrential downpours can simply douse an area too quickly for the rain to disperse harmlessly. A "wet microburst" is a small storm event, usually no larger than a few square miles, that can bring both high winds, torrential rainfall and hail in a very short time which can quickly overwhelm local flood control systems.
Homes in or near Omaha can suffer flood damage and other harmful effects from microbial and chemical contamination during severe storms. Between the state of flooding and any resulting reconstruction work that must be done, a flooded home needs mitigation to reduce potential water damage and restore building materials that can be saved. Rapid water extraction can significantly reduce reconstruction costs. Our SERVPRO technicians are trained, certified and experienced in flood damage mitigation.  We start by using both truck mounted and portable pumps to remove the standing water on non-porous surfaces and extract it from carpeted floors. We then employ drying equipment for rapid drying to reduce the amount of water damage the materials inside your home can suffer.
Since flooding brings in more than water, we also thoroughly clean and sanitize each home during the remediation process. As rainwater travels away from where it fell onto the ground, the run-off picks up pollutants such as automotive fluids, fertilizers, pesticides, and even raw sewage. Groundwater flooding that enters your home can bring pollutants from these and other sources that can seep into porous materials such as carpet and padding, drywall, insulation in exterior walls, upholstered furniture, and anything else that flood water saturates. Homes can also have substantial amounts of washed-in debris such as garbage, tree branches, leaves, silt, and other objects that require fast and complete removal.

SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest has the tools, skills, and IICRC certificates to prepare your flood damaged home for reconstructioin, saving you time, money, and aggravation. No matter the time or day of the week, you can contact us by calling (402) 800-2134.

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